So I lied - Part 2

Ok, so I lied again!

I have this feeling that this journal is going to be more or less dead other than very important updates that I have.

And this one's a biggie!

I think most of you guys know my news but for those of you who don't here we go!

I'm pretty sure most of you know how much I hated my job. I didn't go to college to work on computers. In fact, somewhere is my freshman year I totally rejected the field. I'm not a programmer and I don't necessarily like working with them other than playing games and doing some web based stuff. I like to write, I like to be creative and working as a desktop consultant is as stifling as you can get. On top of all that, my customers were known not to treat me very well making me even more miserable. Unfortunately you get that when you work in a blue collar office.

So anyway, i've not been thrilled for a long time. Then something very incredible happened.

I found a posting on Craigslist. It didn't say alot but I sent my resume to it anyway. Incredibly the company turned out to be New Balance of Delaware. It was for thier website manager(aka E-Commerece Coordinator). I was shocked! I got a call back that Monday and went in for an interview that Wednesday. I kicked it's butt! Then I waited. And waited. Then I got the call for the second interview. Shock two came when I found out that one of the people interviewing me was in APO! I was sure I got it then.

Then there was the waiting game again. Man that can really zap your confidence.

However, to make a long story short, I got the call a couple weeks ago offering me the position which of course I readily took!

So with all that said, I started my second week at New Balance today. It's such a great company. Everyone has been awesome and has made me feel like part of the family. I've learned so much and it's just been incredible.

So that was worthy of an entry right? :)

So I lied

I lied but I promise this is worth it, well at least to maybe a few people(like 5?).

Anyway, I just thought i'd say that i'm excited beyond belief to be back because the family is back together! :)

This is also known as Brad is Section 92 Chair again! :)

... and so it has come

The time has come. The doors on this blog are closing. In reality i'm not really going anywhere but I am discontinuing updates here. I'm keep this open so I can at least still keep up to date on all of you guys but for me, you gotta go here!

See, I even hyperlinked it for you guys!

So update your bookmarks and see ya over there!

An actual real post?

It's been awhile since i've made an honest to goodness post in this blog. Honestly it's just that keeping two blogs going is difficult so with that said, I think this is going to be goodbye to an old friend. I'm for all intents and purposes shutting this blog down. I'm most likely not going to delete this blog but i'm not going to update it anymore. That is unless someone can give me a really good reason to keep both. Otherwise, this will be the last posting here.

The good news is you can get all your Brad news can be found at!!! :)

HR Puff N Earl

If you grew up in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, odds are you saw H.R. Puffnstuff on TV. I remember it well. Well, he is back on My Name is Earl!!! How funny!


Reunions, HD goodness

Wow! 5 days until the 15th! It’s starting to hit me. Both excited and extremely nervous at the same time.

DirecTV launched the rest of their October offerings in HD today. It’s very exciting to see this technology launch. The most interesting of the offerings is the Cartoon Network. Most cartoons nowadays are meant to be shown in 4:3 which is the standard size of a television. HOWEVER! I learned this earlier today. Did you know that most of the older cartoons such as MGM, Warner Bros and Disney were all shot to be shown on a movie screen? This was several decades before we even though about an HD picture. I’m excited to see how Bugs, Mickey and their friends translate to HD. Should be spectacular!